SNAP Challenge Update- three weeks down, three weeks to go

We ate OK this week. Again, nothing jumps out at me where I could have cut a corner. Used a few staples up and some pantry items. That may come back to bite me the last week of the challenge. The freezer is staying clean and uncluttered. More veggies in there than proteins. I had put away 12 quarts of chicken stock in the last month and that has come in handy. Central Market brand stock goes for $2, so I’m ahead. Scored a piece of corned beef for $7.15 for St. Paddy’s Day next week- sticker shock for a protein but the accompanying rutabagas and cabbage are cheep, cheep, cheep. I bought a Guiness to braise it in-$1.79. Splurging yes, but must have authentic Irish fare while watching a “Ballykissangel” marathon-except on that show all they eat are ham sandwiches.

Spent $57.50 (I wanted less than $60- just barely made it) last week bringing my 3 week total to $184.50. My budget is $70/week, bringing me in under budget by $25.50. Next week is the corned beef and some shrimp—looks like more pantry items are going to be used. Ouch.

Menu this week…starting over from first week
Monday- oven fried catfish poboys, oven-fried green tomatoes, salad
Tuesday- bacon wrapped chicken thighs, zucchini, Greek salad
Wednesday- broccoli/pasta Alfredo, green salad
Thursday- balsamic glazed chicken breast, leftover Alfredo
Friday- shrimp veggie stir fry with angel hair pasta
Saturday- maple glazed pork ribs, slow cooked mixed greens
Sunday- corned beef, colcannon (cabbage and rutabagas)