Week Two Over…the Lenten SNAP Challenge 2013 continues

Did well with dinners, having three cheapie ones- lentil soup, leftover chicken soup and Swai. I can honestly say that I like the Swai. Mine was very mild. I topped it with capers, chopped tomatoes and green olives and baked it packet style.

Nothing jumps out at me on the menu- we liked everything and there was enough everyday that DH could take to work to eat. I ate green salads, egg salad or had an avocado smoothie for lunch. Steel cut oat meal or breakfast burritos (homemade at about .69 each, some with meat, some without). The toddler (AKA Miss Thang) was making her way through Annies organics, grilled cheese on whole wheat, bananas and strawberries. Finding a juice for her is frustrating. I get the organic juice and mix with Gerber’s. I downloaded the app Fooducate (grades foods A thru F) and ran by her regular grape juice—just give that crap an “F”. I bought an “A” organic juice and mixed it with “F” so I guess the grade on her new juice is a “C”. Enough juice to last at least two weeks. At any rate, paying way more attention to what I’m putting in her lil’ body. Also, bought some basics and spent $42 at the store, adding in my proteins and coming up with with about $69 for the week which is only OK. Looking at pantry and in a bit better shape than last week. Hope to come in under $60 next week.

Impulse buy o’ the week- Premium Saltine Crackers, unsalted tops, ROUND. Woo hoo! Only $1.88.

Monday- cheese/ bean chalupas, loaded salad
Tuesday- crock pot ribs, braised greens
Wednesday-asparagus/spinach frittata
Thursday- navy bean soup with ham hock or bacon
Friday- fish tacos
Saturday- turkey meatloaf, mashed cauliflower, steamed broccoli
Sunday- pork and hominy stew, salad