End of Week One-SNAP Challenge 2013

Finished first week of the 2013 Lenten Challenge. Things didn’t go according to plan, but hope to get a better grip this week. After having gotten sticker shock at Costco last week, I realized I needed to retool and retrench the challenge. We have a part time toddler so had to redo the weekly shopping list and go back to the chart and add more $ for her. If I’m reading it right, I should add about $30 (1/4 allowance of $123.95) for the month. That should keep her in organic juice and bananas for a while. She eats breakfast and lunch here 4-5 times a week. So this brings my target to about $70 a week for the two and 1/2 of us. I hope to beat that mark by $10 a week, but given the high price of food as compared to the last 2 years, this will be a challenge like no others.

Came in at a little over $12 under the allowance- about $58 was spent BUT used quite a few pantry items I can’t really measure worth. Am paying way closer attention this week. Fingers crossed.

Menu this week :
Monday- lentil chili, zucchini fritters
Tuesday-baked turkey/ricotta meatballs, rotini, baked spinach
Wednesday-baked Swai* provencal, stuffed zucchini boats
Thursday- whole baked chicken, baked sweet potato , green beans
Friday-oven-fried catfish poboys with oven-fried pickles, cole slaw
Saturday- chicken noodle soup
Sunday- skirt steak fajitas with onions, peppers and flour tortillas

Sorry no links this time. Laptop in shop. Working on mobile. All items/recipes can be easily googled.

*found this cheapie fish on sale at Kroger for $2.99 per lb. i have never had it so I read up on it and its similar to catfish and is also known as Basa, not endangered and not from China. They sell it at Whole Foods. Reserving judgement. Will keep you posted.