Menu Week One-SNAP Challenge 2011

We are starting SNAP Challenge 2011 at the Credeur swankienda this Monday (3/7). Getting a jump on Lent. I will be posting our weekly menu each Sunday. If you see an item on there you would like to try (cheap, fast and ee-zee is my motto) don’t hesitate to email me. ***Note: I have a lot of stuff stored in freezer and pantry is full. I will solemnly swear to the best of my abilities (and stashed grocery receipts) get as close to my budget as I can. We have a tendency to eat the same things over and over (just fixed differently) so I know the price of just about everything we eat. Also note—we do not each much processed or frozen food (too much sodium and wheat for OUR diets).

Sunday:Breakfast@church, Lunch@church, chicken wings and leftover salad from church lunch

Meatless Monday (MM): B:oatmeal L: leftovers *hubby* vegetable soup *me* D:Three Cheese Lasagna, fresh green beans

Tuesday:B:oatmeal L: leftover lasagna or soup D:Pancakes@church

Wednesday: B: oatmeal pancakes L: leftover lasagna (soup if no leftovers) D: Baked fish fillets and Greek Salad

Thursday: B:eggs, bacon, biscuit L: vegetable soup, cheese sandwich D: Turkey meatballs, spaghetti sauce (I double and freeze-Giada’s recipe), green salad

Friday:B: eggo waffles (on sale $1!), L: Rodeo food (no sausage on a stick this year *sigh*) D: green shrimp gumbo/brown rice

Saturday:B: Dutch Baby (pancake) with apple, L: out D: turkey burgers (make enough for Sunday lunch), sweet potato fries

Sunday: B: eggs, chorizo L: turkey burgers D: Bacon wrapped pork loin, mac n cheese, broccoli salad

Taking a quick look here, I can see that I will need a trip to Froberg’s@some point—Monday.  But no trip to grocery store. Yea! Off to a good start. Now-let’s clean out the pantry for CHH. 

Update: Need to rearrange as Froberg’s had no spinach but bought a bundle of kale the size of Arkansas for .89. Spent $13.62@Froberg’s: apples, bananas, split peas (impulse buy for $2), green beans, cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, etc. On to day two. 

SNAP Challenge Tip Sheet

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