Shopping for Project25-Week 1

Getting the goods together for next week’s challenge-Project25. I started my shopping yesterday at Fiesta and will finish up at Kroger tomorrow. See photos of all the proteins for one week and most of the other perishables and frozen and canned whatnot used during the week. I can tell by looking at the proteins that we will have leftovers everyday enough for two for lunch. Won’t have to fix sandwiches—saves on bread and tuna. I have been very happy with the Fiesta brand foods—no one paid me to say that—and Pops remarked that the quality and taste of the frozen waffles were on a par with, at the very least, EGGO. 

Pork steaks, chicken thighs with drums (2), beefy soup bones (using half package), ground beef, small pork loin ($2 chopped off larger on sale). All are versatile -ahem-budget cuts that are just laden with protein. Skim the fat if you must! but remember there is a lotta taste in there. After browsing grocery circulars and being my own mystery shopper on several occasions, I have found that Kroger, when having a sale, runs neck and neck with Fiesta. I did not really document my visit to HEB like I did with the other two stores so I can’t address the prices there. I knew that I had two stores with super low prices and I really did not want to complicate what should be an easy matter-*shopping for your family*. You may notice we are low on starches and sugars as Pops and I follow a South Beach/Low Glycemic type diet. I will post my costs on Tuesday. I’m confident that in the next two weeks we will average $25 a week for two adult persons. 

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