Ending the SNAP Challenge 2014

Havoc was wreaked on my budget in the last few weeks. Funeral food plus friends in need of meals (kept separate from my family food budget). My lines got blurred to say the least. I tried my best to keep everything straight but it just wasn’t happening, also losing a receipt and having to rely on memory didn’t help. I scrounged even more from freezer and pantry. Never made it to buy veggies at farm and only made it today to grocery store for any serious shopping- it’s been almost two weeks. Sooooo….had to abandon the meatless days several times. Oy! At least I felt bad about it 😢

Spent about $30 last week on us, out of a $65 budget. And this week, adjusting for the shortness of the week, the budget is about $35 and only spent about $25. Whatever is left in the “special” cash wallet for food goes to UTO- The United Thank Offering, a wonderful charity in my church, the Episcopal Church. Total saved throughout the challenge looks to be about…..drumroll please….$105.00.

The freezer is devoid of proteins-exhausted that category- and the pantry is becoming manageable. I can stay out of store allllll week. Yay…no impulse buying. Will be attempting a salad/vegetable challenge once we get in full swing with summer. Will need a theme-TexMex, Italian, my New Depression Cuisine? Decisions, decisions.

SNAP Update Week Four

Ouch! Lots of stuff going on and haven’t been to grocery store for SNAP cooking at all. Won’t be going till tomorrow so will see how this effects the budget….ate leftovers for a few days and will scrounge around the pantry for whatever we need.
Menus for the week…
Monday Leftovers
Tuesday hamburgers
Wednesday cheese enchiladas, green salad
Thursday spaghetti with turkey meatballs
Friday catfish tacos
Saturday ribs and cole slaw
Sunday out for lunch and dinner

Bought minor items during the week- lettuce, avocados, bananas, lemons, limes, etc- for about $7. Will need a few proteins for upcoming week. I need to pro rate the following week as it will only be a four day challenge week. The challenge ends on the 17th. Will have finally $$$ tally next week on the 18th. So, far, so good.

Finished Week Three of the SNAP Challenge

Just a little over two more weeks before the challenge comes to an end. Still eating out of freezer but this looks to be the last week of that. I will pretty soon have to buy some proteins and that will put a dent in the old pocket book. Spent a further $6.99 on some vegetables and an impulse buy - Boars Head Chipotle Gourmaise. Yikes…$3.99. It was a freebie tasting and boy is it good. Good on my fish fer shure. Will have to make it last. That brought my total for the week to $49.56.

Went to Aldi and Kroger and bought first protein in weeks - pork ribs. On sale at Kroger for $2.99 a pound. I spent $49.88.
Brings my total saving to date - $66.00 and quite a bit of change.

Menus this week

Monday hominy chili/cheese casserole, sautéed squash
Tuesday smoked ribs, cole slaw
Wednesday chili (boca crumbles) Mac, salad
Thursday pork tenderloin, green beans, tomato/avocadosalad
Friday shrimp and greens gumbo, brown rice
Saturday chicken thighs/okra stew
Sunday ribeyes, asparagus, green salad (steaks- last bonus find in freezer)

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(via Spaghetti Squash Gratin)
(via Baked Quinoa With Spinach, Red Peppers and Cheese - ZagLeft)
(via Green chile hominy casserole with chorizo | Homesick Texan)
A meatless Monday fave…leaving out the chorizo.

(via Green chile hominy casserole with chorizo | Homesick Texan)
A meatless Monday fave…leaving out the chorizo.

(via slow-cooker chicken and okra - Healthy Seasonal Recipes)

Finished week Two of SNAP Challenge

Week two of SC2014 went OK. As usual, it got easier the second week, not worrying about grocery store or what to eat as the menu is already done, and meat/seafood thawed out when I need it. I did have to go to the store, and at least it was on the way to where I was going. Got 2 onions, 2 bananas, and 3 limes. And I did stop at World Market on a busy day and bought a dark chocolate bar cuz I had small breakfast and needed some tiding over till lunch. So adding 2.59, .65, .66, and .45 - my total for week two comes to: $45.35.

Shopping Aldi/Kroger and spent $40.58 for upcoming week. No trip to Froberg Farm until maybe next week. Messed up my phone and lost my list sooooooo…I forgot a few items, luckily veggies and they aren’t that $$$. My impulse buy of the week was a big block of ColbyJack cheese. On sale for $6.99. Pimento cheese in our future.

Menus for the week:
Monday shrimp pasta/salad
Tuesday lamb burger with tadziki
Wednesday taco salad (using Boca Crumbles)
Thursday turkey porcupine meatballs/cabbage
Friday fish sandwich, slaw, pico di gallo
Saturday chicken Caesar salad
Sunday whole chicken smoked, asparagus, green salad

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SNAP Challenge Week Two

Second week SNAP challenge- Make Mine Mexican

No trips to grocery store, so no money spent. Yay. Big dents in freezer and pantry. At end of three weeks, these both should be easy to clean out. And wrangling to go to Froberg (truck) farm and score cheap veggies. Passed on the bottle of Jamison’s at Spec’s so I can spend what I want at the farm 😉 St. Patricks Day means a great root vegetable soup is in our future. Saving last week by pantry/freezer cooking $27. Nutritious food! Yum!

Monday cabbage/rutabaga soup, soda bread, Guinness
Tuesday Smothered pork chops, chopped greens
Wednesday Mexican Squash casserole
Thursday turkey burgers, sweet potato fries
Friday fish tacos, cole slaw, pico de gallo
Saturday pork and hominy stew
Sunday grilled cheese with tortilla soup

Shopped for perishables at Aldi and Froberg Farm for upcoming week.
My total for the next week….$41. Under budget $14 for the week. Adding savings from last week ($27) I come up with $41- must be my lucky number this week.

Update: Just realized my SNAP budget is $65. My savings this week are $24 not $14. So, by not going to store but once a week, for two weeks and pantry/freezer cooking, so far I have saved $51. Proteins in freezer will be petering out soon and will have to start eyeballing how to use tomato paste and brown sugar substitute that’s left in pantry. I’ll find a way….barbecue?